Typography and Fonts in webdesign

Sophisticated, smooth webdesign requires smooth fonts, preferably anti-aliased clear-types… Different Browsers and Operating Systems made it difficult to find a good font, that looked smooth and beautiful on all the hybrid systems outhere. In this article, i provide some knowledge about howto deal with this situation.

Nathan Olmstead wrote in article about the best techniques for font implementation in webdesign. He introduced four technologies that generally still represent the current possibilities to overcome above described problem:

If you still prefer to use the font-stack, as decribed by Mr Olmstead in his first paragraph, i recommend the following for a great overview of browser / OS safe font stacks:

Other great articles i found, about hints for embedding own fonts on your webserver:

Moreover, i found a commercial soultion that offers large font collections and all you need to do is to embed some code into the head of your source code.

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