Firas Jradi


Hi , i am Firas.

I work as a management and technology consultant.

What else?
happy father and husband, like sports,
keen on technology and coding, love to hear and play music

You want to learn more? Check out my private website.

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Mastering large IT Transformations

Usually transformation programs take several years, involve the consolidation of redundant IT systems, the introduction of new application and tremendous Change Management activities. Leading a transformation program to success is …

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Technology is often considered the main reason for the cross-sectional trend called digitization or digitalisation. Ever wondered about the disruptive technology innovations in the financial services industry. What is considered …

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Typography and Fonts in webdesign

Sophisticated, smooth webdesign requires smooth fonts, preferably anti-aliased clear-types. Different Browsers and Operating Systems made it difficult to find a good font, that look smooth and beautiful on all the …


IT Project Management – Phase Models

Whenever you read about Project Management (PM) or Software Engineering (SE) as isolated fields of study, the world seems to be perfect and everything seems to workout in theory. However, thinking about IT Project Management always directed me straight into a blind alley.